Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A2O Environmental

Thanks to my cousin Juan, I am now aware of this great cause and non profit organization - A2O Environmental. I recommend that you check out their Facebook page at and their website According to their Facebook,

"A2O Environmental is a non-profit organization that utilizes local community resources to educate residents of our fragile coral reef ecosystems. Providing a hands-on approach to lowering community emissions is another one of our goals coupled with reducing the nation's carbon footprint as a whole. Along with rainforests, coral reefs are the most diverse ecosystems in the world. They make up the foundation of the food chains in our oceans. Just as trees in our forest's and jungles, coral produces oxygen and are crucial for the survival of fauna in our oceans. Our plan is to procreate change in the way we handle these natural gold mines by raising awareness amongst boaters, divers, and others in close contact with coral reefs. If we can save our reefs, maybe we can save our planet too."

I remember when I vacationed in St. Croix, it was my parent's second time visiting, and we were going snorkeling. They had snorkeled when they were in St. Croix 25 years earlier and my dad was excited to do it again. He described the coral reef to be brightly colored - red, purple, green, blue, yellow. His expectations were not met, and the realization that in less than three decades a reef can die was so disheartening. The message and purpose of this organization is one to keep in mind no matter where you live.

Nice work, Juan! :-)

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