Wednesday, April 13, 2011



If you are interested in purchasing advertising space, please see below for details on pricing, layout design, and other requirements. Payments should be made to me, and I will make one payment at time of submission. I will design advertisements using photos chosen or provided, message, and other information regarding business (if a business ad). To see an example of the program, and what the ads should look like, please visit: (ads begin on page 26). If you would like, we can arrange to meet and I will bring a program for you to look at.

Full Page - $250.00
Half Page - $125.00
Quarter Page - $62.50

Each advertisement must include a message of support, a photo of me (can be alone – one of my professional headshots – or with individual/business placing advertisement). Materials can be sent via e-mail to If a digital copy is not available, I can arrange for pick up, or materials can be sent via mail to:

Morgan Bocciolatt
27431 Three Mile Point Road
Chaumont, NY 13622

Your support of the Miss New York Organization scholarship fund, and myself is so appreciated! THANK YOU!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

There's a place for us...

And it's in Staten Island!

On Friday, I met Shelby, Sue, Gary, and Kaili-girl in Endicott at Shelby's house where we began our journey to Staten Island for the Miss New York State workshop. After an hour or two of highway driving, we made a pit stop in Scranton at the most uniquely themed restaurant I have ever been to - Quaker Steak & Lube, a gas station/car themed restaurant/buffet. Pictures to come! After lunch, we, of course, stopped at an outlet mall where I found my interview dress and AWESOME floral Coach sneakers...ON SALE! Our shopping was a success! We ventured on to Staten Island through New Jersey traffic and finally arrived to the hotel at 6:30.

Ordering in "real pizza", as Kaili called it, was not only delicious but so relaxing! So delicious, that we were dangerously full by the time we were done. Shelby, Kaili, and I decided a Zumba party in the hotel was necessary, so in our studio room with extra floor space, and my wicked instructor skills, we worked it out hard! After a pit stop in the hotel store, and photo op with pageant sister Kieren Sheridan, we were in bed for girl talk by 10, and asleep before 11 (Kaili passed out mid-conversation!).

Saturday started bright and early with alarms sounding at 6am. Even with and hour to get ready, I was rushing to finish my hair and make up before breakfast with some of the girls at the hotel before the big day. Finally, it was time to head to the theatre for a long but exciting day of pageant prep!

Once we arrived at the theatre, there was NO stopping! Paperwork, talent run-throughs, photos, lunch, meetings & talks, rehearsal, and modeling! I was energetic the whole day, but the minute I sat down in the car, I just about passed out! The day was so exhilarting from learning about state week to dancing, and especially, meeting and catching up with my pageant sisters! What an amazing experience! It was absolutely wonderful, and I enjoyed it very much, even if I was exhausted on the way home, or at least until dinner...

"Morgan's Wiener" - Fuddrucker's Big Dog

YUM! The giant hot dog dubbed "Morgan's Wiener" by Shelby, completely revitalized me for the remainder of the trip. Thanks Fuddruckers! Not THIS is a treat!

Even the drive home was a lot of fun - especially with our goofy jokes and overtired laughing! The weekend ended with a good night's rest in Shelby's guest room, and a delicious breakfast...and COFFEE!

I am SO excited for State Week in June! If you are interested in attending the Miss NY pageant, stay up to date by visiting! Also, please contact me if you would like to purchase ad space to support me in the Miss NY program book!