Sunday, March 13, 2011

So many new sisters!

As I anxiously await the results of the Miss Greater Rochester pageant, I thought that I would tell you all about my exciting weekend, and congratulate some new pageant sisters, hopefully including Miss Greater Rochester 2011!

After a crazy and hectic midterm week, I drove home Friday afternoon, to start my spring break off by attending the Miss Ireland Pageant, an annual event that has become a tradition for my mom and I. This year was extra special because I was able to attend as Miss Thousand Islands! Of course, Sue, Gary, and Shelby joined my family and I for the scholarship pageant, my personal favorite event at the North Country Goes Green Irish Festival, held annually to raise funds for Project Children, as well as many other charitable organizations. We also were joined by Kristan and Kathy Letteire! As Miss Ireland is a festival pageant, the phases of competition are a little different than those of Miss American Organization pageants. The contestants are introduced in evening gown, they then express their Irish Heritage, which is done in various ways - music, storytelling, speeches, etc.. The girls are not judged on talent but on the way they express themselves. Last, they answer an on stage question. I began watching the Miss Ireland pageant after I started competing in pageants, and a friend of mine, Bridgette Sharlow, was competing in the Miss Ireland pageant, 3 years ago. That year, she was crowned and awarded a scholarship. Last year, she was able to crown one of her sisters as the new Miss Ireland, Brittany Sharlow. This year, the third sister in the line of Sharlow sisters decided to compete, and sure enough, was crowned Miss Irish Princess, and awarded a scholarship! Congratulations, Brianna Sharlow! And, to Miss Ireland 2011, Kristina Blackstock!

Irish Princess 2011, Brianna Sharlow, Miss Ireland 2011, Kristina Blackstock, and Brittany Sharlow, Miss Ireland 2010!

Brianna, Kristina, and I!

Kristan, Miss TI 2009, and I after the pageant!

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early for breakfast at the Clubhouse, and my first mock interview! Shelby, Sue, Corri, and Deltra Willis did a fantastic job compiling challenging and insightful questions and I so appreciate their help as I prepare for the Miss New York State pageant. I certainly learned a lot about myself, and am thankful for the advice these wonderful ladies provided me with. A few rounds of interview questions, and they had worn me out, so we moved on to A Touch of Grace to try on more gowns! If I could, I would just try on gowns all day long! Thanks to Kathy and her awesome staff for always being so accommodating to us!

And now, I can finally congratulate some new pageant sisters who I will be competing with this June! Here are the results from today's pageants:

Miss Greater Rochester 2011 - Chelsea Prophet
Miss Southeast New York 2011 - Amanda Mason
Miss Manhattan 2011 - Mallory Hagan
Miss New York City 2011 - Hannah Wright
Miss Greater Gotham 2011 - Nardeen Bilan
Miss Liberty 2011 - Kimberly Cantoni
Miss Metropolitan 2011 - Tara Szcezpanski

Also a huge congratulations to all of the contestants who competed in these pageants today, and to all of the runners-up! At Miss Greater Rochester, 2nd runner up is Heather Knowles, and 1st runner up is Lorna Rose! If anyone can fill me in on any other award winners or runners-up from the other pageants, please let me know so that I can update here! Congratulations ladies! And to the new titleholders, welcome to the Miss New York Class of 2011! Looking forward to seeing you all at workshop in April!

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